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The first ever digital genealogical tree development done to link all the kodava Okkas spread across the world

About Kodavaclan

A concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational and economic legacies – all of the things that quite literally make us who we are..With every input, the family trees have grown branches and all information contributed has given it roots.

Kodavaclan have a staggering 11,949 Kodavas listed and their relationships with each other is interesting for sharing with our next generation. Our rich culture makes for colourful dinner time stories that our youngsters can draw inspiration from. It would be exciting for some to know that there are lineages that go back 17 generations!

Our Kodava Clan Portal has introduced a new section called Heritage, which lists out a huge amount of data. 

Gummatira Kishoo Uthappa


Valaga Reloaded 

The first of its kind music  Video of the Kodava Valaga was produced in the year 2017 

Family tree 

The largest family tree online with statistics of all Kodava and the detailed linking with More than 14000 Kodavas and their Relationship is documented online 

Kodava calendar 

The first of its kind Kodava desktop calendar was created for the Kodavas to follow the dates and festivals as per the traditional way keeping Edamyaar 1 as the New Year.


A complete encyclopedia with all data pertaining to Kodavas are documented here. Each section has lots of articles, interlinked to each other, making the chain of information an enriching experience to the user. It currently has close to around a 1000 articles and continue to add more each day.

This is a one stop site for information on


Essay Competition – Festivals of kodagu

Essay competition conducted in association Kodava Samaja Youth Council, Bangalore 

Kodava Thakk Padipo

Kodava Clan in partnership with Kodava Koota  is happy to launch an online teaching program ‘Kodava Thakk Padipo‘.

The objective is to teach ‘spoken’ Kodava Thakk to our children living anywhere in the world. Besides having online classes, we will build reusable teaching modules that can be leveraged by our future generation.



  • Collection of physical Family trees
  • Product Development
  • Concept Finalisation


  • The Online tree was linked to more than 5000 profiles
  • Launched the Valaga Reloaded
  • Launched the Family tree portal


  • The Online tree was linked to more than 10000 profiles
  • Launched the Heritage Section on the portal
  • Launched the Kodava calendar


  • The Online tree was linked to more than 13000 profiles
  • Compiled more than 750 pages for the Heritage Section
  • Sponsored Sports activities for Kodaca Samaj Youth Council
  • Complied data for the Heritage section


  • The Online tree   linked to more than 14000 profiles
  • Compiled more than 1350 pages for the Heritage Section
  • Collaborated with KodavaKoota USA to teach Kodava thakk online
  • Launched online Essay  Completions
  • Sponsored Cultural activities for Kodava Samaja Youth Council


  • Created a Virtual Museum on  cultural and heritage related Artefacts
  • Got recorded as largest online family tree at Indian Book of Records
  • Introduced Matrimony Section in the Portal
  • Introduced Real Estate Segment in the Portal
  • Introduced Fundraising Section as Helping hand


Kokkengada Sachitha Chengappa

Bolkaranda Brinda Bojamma

Indanda  Alan Bopanna

Heena Patel