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Kodira Okka

About the Okka

The Kodira okka along with other families such as Mandira ,Udiyanda ,Manavattira ,Pattamada and Kumbera moved further south east. Moving further down the Kodira family ,occupied forest land in Arapattu village.Our ainmane may have been established at this time around 1790 CE or so.

Built around 1850-60,on land bought from the Apparanda family by Aiyappa. Aiyappa died when the house was half built and subsequently ,it is believed to have been completed by Machaiah who had to sell some of his property to help construct the remaining half.

Karona there is an annual feature in several Kodava families .During one,the Karona(Moolapurusha : Person who started the family) possesses the body of a person in a trance and blesses his descendants .The cermony ends with the coming out of the trance at the Kaimada.Chicken and pigs sacrified as part of the cermony are cooked,offered as meedhi to the Karona and later distributed to all present . 




Monnappa mittu



Eminent People

Rao Bahadur


Defence Personel

Indian Administrative service

  • K.M.Ponnappa-IAS