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Kodira Poomale – The Book

Kodira Poomale

Author of the page

Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya

Author of the book

Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya  

About the book

This was author’s fifth book in Kodava language.
Kodhira Poomale means garland of love. Its a love story.


Hero of the story Dr Vivek lives in Bangalore with his mother and sister. He had coffee estate in kodagu. He had a house in estate & his granny lived there.
He often visit kodagu to his estate stays for some days with his granny. He liked to live there but he had his own hospital in Bangalore.
In hospital there was a lady doctor. She was his classmate & she liked him very much.
One day when Vivek was returning from kodagu to Bangalore, in bus he saw a injured girl. Later she felt unconscious & she was alone. As a doctor Vivek treated there & took her to his hospital for further treatment. After some time she became well but she became mental. Vivek admits her in mental hospital. After she became normal Vivek gave her shelter in his home.
One fine morning when Vivek was on the way to his hospital in a car, one lady stopped him seeking lift. Vivek helped her & on the way he came to know about her problems & also that she was widow. She needed a job & Vivek offers her a job in his hospital.
Like this way three girls enter into the life of Vivek. At last to know who will put the garland of love & marries Vivek & also the life history of these three girls should read the book.

Publication history

Published in the year 2017 July
By Karnataka Kodava Sahithya academy.

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Karnataka Kodava Sahithya academy
Or the author .