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Kodira Rao Bahadur Uthappa

Kodira Rao Bahadur Uthappa, born on 1891 in Virajpet.

He was well-known for his wisdom and fore-sight. Once, the British rulers asked him to auction the land of the people in Kiggattnad who could not pay their taxes. When he found that those who came to buy the auctioned land were from Kerala, he stopped the auction and got the buyers from Kerala to leave Coorg.

As a philanthropist he has done a tremendous service to the community and his Okka, He served as Pattedara of the kodira Okka since 1972 



Kodira Thammaiah


Kodira(Manavatira) Mayavva


Kodira (Mathanda) Bojamma


  1. Kodira Appachu Daly
  2. Kodira Chengappa Sunny
  3. Kodira Bopaiah Bobby
  4. Kodira Belliappa Bellu
  5. Kotera Kavery
  6. Dr Chondamma Tittu

Family Tree


  • He worked as a Government Employee, Scout Master, Police Superintendent, Commissioner and District Magistrate, Sahakara Sangha Registrar and Employee in Territorial Richmond.
  • Kodira Uthappa was also the first President of the “Coorg Educational Fund”.
  • He was the Vice President of Coffee Board.
  • Uthappa helped in raising many Kodava Samajas wherein, Madikeri Kodava Samaja is one among them.


He was an inspiration to many agriculturalists during his period