Kopatty hills

Kopatty hills is one of the beautiful trek trails in Coorg. The trek trail passes through dense forests, lush green meadows and dale. The engaging scene of the meadows and the resplendent trees are a feast for the eyes.Once you reach the peak, it’s a soul stirring experience to watch the clear skies and then the green covering the hills.

About the hills

The parent hill range of Kopatty Hills is the Western Ghats. Kopatty hill range is known for its beauty and trekking trails. Since this place is situated away from the hustle & bustle of the cities, it is endowed with a soul soothing ambiance

The Kopatty trek offers some truly unique panorama and heartening western ghats trekking trails. Its an exceptional place filled with foliage and varied terrain with forest, brooks and grassland.



Trekking distance

12-14 kms (approximately)

Notable for

  • Kopatty Hills are known for their appealing  beauty and  delightful aura.
  • This hill range is a place of variety of flora, especially the wild herbs which are found only in this region.
  •  It can be considered as the best place for spending quality time and taking delight in the different activities like camping, trekking, hiking, bird watching, and rock climbing.


Best time to visit

It can be visited throughout the year. However, the visit gets remunerated during October-February when the misty blanket enhances the aesthetic appeal of these hills.


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