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Kullachanda Vinutha Kesari

Mrs. Vinutha Kesari Kullachanda is a popular Dancer, Choreographer and Writer, and Singer

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Meederira Toysi Dechamma


Mrs. Vinutha Kesari Kullachanda is currently settled in Mysore along with her family. She is a popular Dancer, Choreographer and Writer, and Singer. She is a natural Talent. We will be lost in search of words to express her talents and achievements. she is a hard worker, a true admiration with lots of energy in her. Her choreography is mesmerizing, synchronized, expressive, heart-touching, creative, exemplary, beautiful, alluring, and flawless. Her songs are too catchy because of her resonant voice that will impress and hold the attention of the audience.





Badakanda subbiah


Badakanda Seethamma ( Monnanda )


Kullachanda Kesari 


 Kullachanda Dechamma


  • Vinutha Kesari Kullachandadid  her  schooling at St Josephs and completed her degree at Kaveri women’s college Virajpet,Kodagu
  • She completed her B.Ed at Sarvodaya college of Education
  • Also, she is a NCC “B” Certificate Holder



  • At a very early age she had a huge passion towards classical dance and got the training under guidance of Divangatha Ambale Subbarao and his Rajeshwari at Bharathiya Sangeetha Nritya Kala shale Madikeri
  • Also completed her senior exam in Bharathanatyam.
  • She conducts dance class in Virajpet, Kodagu
  • She also performs classical dance for various events.
  • Apart from dancing she does choreography and training sessions for *Ummathat*
  • Along with the dance and choreography she is even passionate about writing poems since from my college days.
  • She has written many poems in Kodava Language and have self-composed songs which is loved by many. She has received huge appreciations and compliments for her singings and writing.


Mrs. Vinutha Kesari Kullachanda  is a Teacher by profession. Along with her professional life she dedicates her time in Training Ummathat ,Kodava dance, training the children of all age group to perform during all occasions.

Achievements and Honors

  • Vinutha’s name was included in Karnataka rajya Gazetteer in 1993 written by chief editor Suryanath.U.kamath.
  • Won 1 place in Ummathat competition Organised by Karnataka Kodava Samaj in 2003
  • Her team won 1 place at *Balgodu*organised by the Federation of Kodava Samaj
  • Her dance team participated at the centanery celebration of Bangalore Kodava Samaj.
  • Participated at Mahila Dasara
  • Training the children to take part during Eed and Puthari Namme at Kodava Samaj.
  • Participated in Kavyahotra at Goa All India kavi Sammelana in 2016.
  • Along with my regular practice session she have been a Jury member for the inter koota cultural competition organized by the Bangalore Kodava Samaj, UKO MandNamme, from past 5 years and also jury member  at Ninada School of dance for 2 years.
  • Her dance team performed at *Bahurupi Natakotsava* conducted by Rangayana under guidance and support of Sri Addanda Carriappa  and Director Rangayana.
  • Her first collection of poems “Bhava joppe” Was released under the banner of kodavame kondata koota with the collaboration of Bangalore Kodava Samaj on February 23rd 
  • Recipient of shikshakara sadhana puradkar 2017 Organised by JCI Mysore


Mrs. Vinutha Kesari Kullachanda  main motto is to train the young generation of our community about our culture, custom, dance, Kodava volaga , enrich the knowledge, preserve it and pass it on to the coming generation.

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