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Kuppanda Ainmane




The 10 roomed Kuppanda Ainmane has got a front yard covered with laterite stones. We can also find a white washed Kall boti and an Ubba at the entrance. The Veranda has 2 doors with beautifully carved door frames, 1 window with simple carvings and 2 more simple windows with bars in it.

An old wooden Aimara on the eastern side of Veranda, which was damaged by tiny bees has been replaced with cemented Aimara. The Aimaras in the eastern and western wall of veranda , and the large Bhasma Kutt in the hall are made from a particular wood called, Ajini.


  • Around 160 years old and is the Second Ainmane
  • The floor of the Verandah, hall & thethi were cemented about 40 years ago, while rest of the rooms have cowdung washed mud floors.