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A kutthi is a container made from hollowed bamboo.


  • It is often used to carry liquids, usually milk. It can also be used to carry other small articles.
  • Moor Kuthi is used to churn butter from milk 
  • Age Kuthi  is used to  cut sheaves of paddy are carried from the fields in a kutthi by the Pattedara or another elderly male member of the family during Putthari festival.


  • Moor Kutthi
  • Puthari Kutthi

Materials made of

  • Bamboo stem

Tentative Period of Usage

              Since evolvement

Tentative reason for extinct

              Not extinct. its still in use especially during puttari howeever  due to unknown reasons artillery shells are used in few places as a replacement for the ethnic kutthi

Physically located at

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    2. Mr Kalianda Prakash

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