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Maadha Padathi


On the day of Maadha, people who have stood for Kullik will not cook food; instead food will be cooked by cooks. On the day, kullik Ninda people will get ready by taking bath and wearing clean cloth.


At 10’O clock, food prepared by the cook is bought under Nellakki where mat is spread; on top of it 7 pieces of top section of banana leaf is kept (Less than 7 is not kept).

Two wicks are lighted in front of each banana leaf. After this, Jack fruit leaves are shaped in the form of cup and inside each of these cups small portion of the cooked food is put and on top of it little milk, honey and ghee are poured. This ritual is performed by one person from the group whoever has stood for Kullik. In one cholle water is poured and in another cholle alcohol is poured.

Before performing above procedure, a mat is spread and holy water is sprinkled all over; elder people gathered there will speak a few words and then sprinkle rice.  The leaf kept on the yede is taken by theeke nindaiynga and is given to the person who has stood for menga.

Three leaves, on top of it water, long stick, match box and wick is kept inside a small basket made from bamboo or reed. This is taken by any one person. Theeke Nindaynga and Mengath nindhaynga will go behind the house where a vanali is kept for crows and all the yede are placed there uttering loudly “kaaaa kaaa kaaa…..” After this ritual when they return back they will break the pendal by stamping it.

The items in the basket are taken by theeke nindaynga and mengathe nindaynga to kekola. They will stand facing east and these three yedes and kept down and a wick is lighted and water is sprinkled all around. Clapping their hands three times “kaaa kaa kaaa ….” is uttered loudly. After this, they return home.

Before stepping in, thelineer is sprinkled on their head; aracanut which is placed there is put inside their mouth; after chewing it, it is then removed and is thrown behind and then they enter inside. This procedure is followed by the people who have kept yede.

Theekenindaynga and mengath nindaynga will first consume payaasa prepared from moong daal. After them other people gathered there will consume paayasa. This payasa is usually prepared on the day of maadha.

The food is also consumed first by theeke nindaynga and mengath nindaynga; after this gathered people will sing dudi paat. During this time offerings are made by the gathered people on the plate which is kept under nellakki. During this time drinks and meat are offered and everyone will start having their food.