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Macharanda Ainmane




The ainmane is of type, “othe pore” with two roofs and two verandas, where the inner veranda is of traditional one (solid ceiling with a round disc with carved concentric circles) and the outer one has four square pillars supporting the roof over it. The hall has two simple hanging lamps and two large rooms like enclosure to store paddy.

The capitols on the pillars have carvings of lotuses, one with rotatable ring and another with carvings of Lizards and frogs. The ainmane has – 2 doors from the inner Veranda to the hall; main door with Gajalakshmi panel on top; another door with unusual, beautiful carving on the top of the panel; window with unusual carvings of tree, birds, men with kupya holding guns, etc.,

The floor in all the rooms except kanni kombare is cemented and roofs were tiled more than 100 years ago.


  • About 150 to 200 years old
  • Renovated keeping it as before, except replacing old tiles with Teflon coated sheets