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Major Anjaparavanda  T Ganapathy

Lt Col Anjaparavanda  T Ganapathy was Born on  06 Mar 1934 in  Kodagu. He served in the Army and was awarded Vir Chakra for his courage, initiative and devotion to duty of a high order.



Anjaparvanda  N Thimmaiah


He was awarded vir Chakara in the year 1965


1965 May – Ablaze


  • On 4 October 1965, Lt Col Anjaparavand Thimaiah Ganapathy was commanding a company of a battalion of the Sikh Light Infantry. The battalion was ordered to clear a point on the Kalidhar feature in J&K which, notwithstanding the cease-fire, had been encroached upon by Pakistani forces.
  • Lt Col Ganapathy led his company in the face of stiff enemy opposition from entrenched positions supported by heavy artillery, mortar and Browning machine gun fire. Though his company strength was reduced to fifty per cent due to heavy casualties, he succeeded in dislodging the enemy from key positions and the preliminary objective of the battalion was achieved. In spite of heavy enemy shelling, Browning machine gun fire and small arms fire, he moved about fearlessly to encourage his men to achieve the objective.