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Major General Kodendera Arjun Muthanna

Major General Kodendera Arjun Muthanna is a second generation  army officer. He is an alumnus of Sainik School, Bijapur (Karnataka) and Govt. College Mangalore. He was selected for the Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun as a NCC ‘C’ Certificate Cadet and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry’s Garhwal  Rifles Regiment in December 1978.



Lt Col Kodendera Muthanna


Kodendera(Pattamada ) Ganga Muthanna


Kodendera (Mandeda) Jamuna Bopanna




Family Tree


  • He did his High School, Higher Secondary Certificate (Science stream) in Sainik School Bijapur Karnataka from 1967 – 1974. During his schooling he was a member of English Dramatics team, Member of the School Gymnastic and Physical Training display teams (Awarded Best Gymnast in 1973) and also a Member of school Cricket Team.
  • He completed his Bachelor of Arts in History, Economics and Political Science in the year 1974 – 1977 from University of Mysore. He was part of the college field hockey and basketball teams and Enrolled in National Cadet Corps (Senior Division).
  • He did his Master’s degree in Defence Studies, from University of Madras. Trained in staff support for military combat and logistics operations, Defence service Staff College in the year 1991-92, he did his Post Graduate Diploma, Defence Management in the year 1994-95, Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), Defence Studies in the year 2000 – 2001 from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya institute.
  • Defence Studies from Army War College in the year 2000 – 2001, Army Management Program for Senior Officers in the year 2016 from Management development institute. Independent Directors Course, 2016 from Symbiosis institute of Management studies.


  •  He was selected for the Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun as a NCC ‘C’ Certificate Cadet and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry’s Garhwal Rifles Regiment in December 1978.
  •  Major General Muthanna has had stints in all the key border, mountain and insurgency/terrorism affected areas – Manipur, Ladakh, Jammu, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir Valley, as also with the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
  • His assignments include Head of Operations and Training of the Indian Military Training Team in Bhutan and Director of Foreign Training at the Army HQ in New Delhi.
  • Major General Muthanna was a Senior Research Fellow at the United Services Institution of India, New Delhi and his research was published as a book “Enabling Military-To-Military Cooperation as a Foreign Policy Tool – Options for India”.
  • After a stint as Deputy General Commanding Officer of the Army division in Kargil, he was deputed by the Ministry of Defence to Karnataka (State Police) to assist in enhancing the Internal Security of the State.
  • As Director of the State Police’s Centre for Counter-Terrorism, he trained the state police in counter-terror operations and created the state’s counter-terror response force called GARUDA Force.
  • On repatriation to the Army he was Additional DG NCC for Bihar and Jharkhand till his superannuation in May 2016 with nearly 85,000 cadets from over 800 schools and colleges.
  •  He is the Managing Trustee of Kodagu Educational & Social Service Trust (KESST – which is engaged in proving educational assistance to needy children and to destitute women and children. KESST also provides coaching on nominal fees for children appearing for Sainik School, NDA and defence forces.
  • At present he is the Director HR & Training of Trident Automobiles, Bangalore.


  • Mid level leader of combat military units upto140 personnel. Planned and executed numerous military combat operations and other ‘peace’ measures from 1979-89.
  • Senior Staff Officer (military) operations, intelligence and training.Military Combat Formation from 1992-93.Supported senior military commander in planning and supervision of (military) operations, intelligence and training of a formation (over 3000 personnel) in hostile and inhospitable areas.
  • He was the Head of military Operations and Training from 1995 – 1997. Developed appropriate military training programs and closely supervised the Indian Military Trainers.
    Established and maintained close and cordial working and personal relationships with counter-parts in host country.
  • He was the Chief Executive of a military combat battalion of the Indian Army in 1997– 2000.  Deployed in Counter-Terrorism operations in North India. Conducted counter-terror operations, both prophylactic and reactive, as also civilian outreach ‘peace’ initiatives.Developed and conducted/supervised Human Resource Development programs for Officers and subordinate personnel.Developed and maintained supply chain management for military weapons, ammunition and equipment and other logistics support for the battalion.Organisation received “Appreciation” of Army Commander as recognition of success in achieving objectives.
  • He was the Director of Foreign Training and Cooperation (Defence Headquarters) in 2001-2004.Planned and coordinated training of Indian defence personnel in friendly foreign countries. Planned and coordinated training of defence personnel of over 30 friendly foreign countries in Indian defence training institutions.Planned and executed military to military cooperation with over 30 friendly foreign countries in close coordination with India’s Ministry of External Affairs, both in India and abroad. Planned and executed training of personnel of central and state police personnel in Indian defence training institutions.
  • He was the Senior Research Fellow (Ministry of External Affairs Chair) United Services Institution in 2004 – 2006 .Studied the defence cooperation programs of over 30 countries and made a critical comparative analysis of India’s efforts and suggested options for India to optimise military to military cooperation.
  • He was the Chief Executive of a Combat formation of the Indian Army deployed in Counter-Terrorism operations in North India in 2007 – 2009.
  • Chief Executive of centre for Counter-Terrorism of Karnataka State Government (Police) from 2010 – 2015.Advised the State Police Department on creating counter-terror capability of the state and created counter-terror capability of Bangalore and Karnataka State – through capacity building of police and civilian stakeholders. Developed training modules for entire spectrum of counter-terror security and operations.Conceived and established Karnataka State Police’s Counter-Terror Response (Garuda) Force, a fully functional police counter-terror response operations unit (GARUDA FORCE) right from selection of personnel to equipping and training them and developing various operational counter-terror response protocols.Advised government and non-government (civilian) establishments and institutions in Bangalore and state of Karnataka on best practices for counter-terror security.Conducted counter-terror mock drills (CTMDs) at various government and private establishments (IT tech parks) as part of the counter-terror security preparedness. Developed protocols and training modules for Hostage Negotiation (in terror situations).Identified and procured assorted lethal and non-lethal security equipment.
  • He was the head of Youth Development from 2015 – 2016.Drove Youth Development of school and college students through National Cadet Corps for the states of Bihar and Jharkhand. Activities ranged from basic military subjects to personality development, national integration, social awareness and community development; and sports including shooting.Worked closely with both state governments and interacted with State Governor, Chief Minister and senior bureaucrats of the state(s).. Supervised staff of over 600 Associate NCC Officers (from amongst teaching faculty of educational institutions) and over 900 military officers and subordinate ranks.


  • Major General Arjun Muthanna, was awarded  the Sena Medal for Distinguished Services as Brigade commander of the Rashtriya Rifles Brigade in Northern Kashmir.

Military professional of over 37 years experience with varied experience beyond regular military exposures.