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Maleyanda Okka

Maleyanda Okka is based out of Nelji which is close to Napoklu .

Nearly four hundred years ago the Maleyanda land belonged to the the Thelappanḍa okka.  When there were no boys in the okka, two boys from Keraḷa, Maṇicha and Muthanna, married the two sisters left in the Thelappanḍa okka – Mayakka  and Cheeyakka , daughters of Thelappanḍa Machayya.

 Manicha married Mayakka and their descendants became Maḷeyanḍa. Muthanna married Cheeyakka and their descendants became Cheeyakpoovanḍa. Hence it is said “Onduḷḷa maṇek danḍuḷḷa kodi peda”. (The land that is one has two dear names).

Mayakka and Maṇicha had two sons. The elder son, Bheemaṇṇa who is considered the karanava of the okka, built the ainmane house.He had two sons who continued the okka. Bheemaṇṇa’s younger brother paḍe beera Kuttaṇṇa had no children.  

Maleyanda family hosted the 2004 hockey festival at Madapur.



Eminent People


  • Maleyanda D Uthappa-1967 Test series(Cricket)