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Mallengada Ainmane




The 7 roomed, Mallengada Ainmane is built on a high platform with a wide cemented narrow walk way. The Ainmane has, a large front yard with a small well to the south.

There are gudi to the western and southern wall with a Gajalakshmi Thook bolcha on the western wall, a hanging nele, pots filled with water and plants in the 4 corners of the mund, etc.,

This is the original Ainmane, which was rebuilt as it was earlier.

Simple door frames in the veranda, windows with bars and shutters in the western wall, old wooden aimara with carvings of animals and lotuses, wooden pillars with simple carvings on the capitols can be found.


  • About 200 years old.
  • Rebuilt five years ago just as it was earlier.