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Manavattira Ainmane




Manavattira Ainmane has two verandahs, one facing east and other facing north. There are fire pits on both the Verandahs which was used both for warming up and cooking purpose. Rotating rings and lotus carvings can be found on the wooden panels of both the verandahs. There are beautiful carvings on the windows that lead to the verandah facing north. Carving of Krishna can be seen on the panel of window in the Eastern verandah.

In the northern Verandah all the members of the family gather together. And the eastern verandah was used by children’s to play, while the women’s cook. There is a gori nearby which is built with laterite stone and painted black.


  • 225 years old
  • Second Ainmane as the first Ainmane tumbled eventually
  • About 100 years ago the roof was replaced with Mangalore tiles