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Mandepanda Okka

About the Okka

Mandepanda Okka is based out of chembebellor on VirajpetMadikeri road.

There are 3 baghas in this okka.

Mandepanda family hosted the 2009 hockey festival at Ammathi.

The ainmane of this large okka was built by Karanachi somavva.


A man from Porimanda family married a lady from Mandepanda okka.They had only one daughter named somavva who later on became the Karanachi of Mandepanda okka. She was married to Kopuda Belliappa. She gave birth to three children and became a widow. Later somavva returned to Mandepanda land, her mother’s house was destroyed. so she became a foster daughter to Mandepanda Muthanna.  Muthanna died as a bachelor and later muthanna’s brother subbaiah gave a portion of land and helped them to build a house. Hence there are no intermarriage between Mandepanda and Kopuda Okka.



Eminent people

Freedom Fighter

  • Mandepanda Somaiah


  1. Mandepanda Karan Poonacha K
  2. Mandepanda A. Pemmaiah  – Colonel
  3. Mandepanda N. Kuttaiah  – 9 Gurkha Rifles Brigadier
  4. Mandepanda Nikhil Ganapathy – Armoured Corps Colonel
  5. Mandepanda  C. Aiyappa  – Infantry/Maratha LI Colonel
  6. Mandepanda Smitha (Mevada)  – Major


  1. Mandepanda Parthasarthy Bopaiah Commander
  2. Mandepanda Dempsy Chengappa Commander


  1. Mandepanda Ganapathy– Squadron Leader


  1. Mandepanda Dr Pushpa Kuttanna
  2. Mandepanda S Monnappa
  3. Mandepanda K Prakash