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Maneyapanda Okka

About the Okka

Maneyapanda ainmane is located in Kunda-mugutageri which is about 250 yrs old. It is said that this okka was originally Chōḷanḍa. The mane peda was changed to Maneyapanḍa after this okka gave refuge to King Veerarajendra in his time of need. In another version of the story, it was a king of a much earlier period who got refuge in this house.

King Veerarajendra (Dodda Veeraraja), after escaping from Piriyapatna prison in 1787 A.D. took refuge in Kunda, because the hills and dense forests here offered him and his family a good hide-out. The Maneyapanḍa okka here gave shelter to the fugitive king, and that was how they got their name. Originally called “Mane thandavanda”(who gave a home), it was shortened to Maneyapanḍa and Manēpanḍa.


When Tippu’s army killed all the people in the Madrira okka, only one girl got survived. She was bought up by the Theethamada Okka. Once, when three boys from Maneyapanda Okka went hunting in Kunda betta, one among them lost their way and went to Theethamada Okka.
There, he got married to Madrira girl according to Kuthik Nippo custom. Hence, Madrira Okka and Maneyapanda Okka don’t get married.




Maneyapanda ainmane



Eminent people

  1. Maneyapanda Ashwini Nachappa-Athlete
  2. Maneyapanda Muthanna Somaiah-Hockey
  3. Maneyapanda P. Cariappa and Ponnamma Cariappa-Authors
  4. Maneyapanda Muthanna-Rao Bahadur
  5. Maneyapanda Appachu Muthanna-Forest officer
  6. Maneyapanda Appaiah Ganapathy (DGP)


  1. Maneyapanda Ganapathy
  2. Maneyapanda M Thimmaiah
  3. Maneyapanda Nachappa
  4. Maneyapanda Nisha
  5. Manyepanda Ramya

Hockey Festival

  1. Hosted-year-2010
  2. Teams played-214
  3. Finals-Palanganda V/S Mucatira (Bonda)
  4. Winners-Palanganda