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Mekerira ( Kechettira ) Neema Uthappa

Lt. Commander Neema Uthappa Neema was born in Madikeri and served in the Indian Navy from July 2001 to 2009. She is one of the first 3 executive women officers (Command Works Branch) and the first Kodavathi officer in Indian Navy. She served in all 3 Command Head Quarters of the Indian Navy (Vizag, Cochin and Mumbai). 

Author :

Monnanda Nithan Thimmaiah



Kechettira Uthappa


Radha Uthappa (Thamane: Bachettira)

Husband :

Mekerira Harish


Niara Mekerira


  • Schooling : St. Anne’s School, Virajpet
  • Pre-University :  MGM College, Udupi
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Architecture) : Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan. 

Accomplishments in Indian Navy:

  • She was part of the operational group during the 2001 attack on Indian Parliament which earned her Operations Parakram medal.
  • She worked on special projects commissioned directly by President of India (details are confidential). Received ‘Commendation’ from Commander in chief of Eastern Naval Command for exemplary service.
  • Commander Neema Uthappa led the 600 acres land acquisition in Dolphin Hill, Vizag. As a Project Leader,she led the construction of Officers’ and Sailors’ accommodation, club house and Headquarters of Eastern Naval Command new building.
  • She was responsible for construction of several Intelligent Buildings and Officers’ canteen in Cochin in Southern Naval Command.
  • Neema was responsible for overseeing the construction of new naval base at Ezhimala (Asia’s largest naval academy). This earned her “On the Spot Commendation” from Commander-In-Chief of Southern Naval Command.
  • During her tenure in Western Naval Command (Mumbai) she was responsible for several strategic projects that involved active operations for Indian Navy (details confidential).
  • She stood first in her Management Training at INS Hamla (Mumbai) and first for Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare and damage control where the leader takes charge of active situations.

Lt. Commander Neema Uthappa took voluntary retirement in 2009 after completing her Executive MBA from IIM Indore.


Neema has held several Senior leadership positions in various large corporations in the US like American Express, McKesson Corporation and is currently the Head of Engineering/Associate Partner with McKinsey & company. She has excelled in the corporate world and has been awarded 2 US patents and Platinum Genius medal by American Express.

As an Author, She has penned several of her life experiences in a book called “The Cinderella Elephant”, a collection of short stories.