Mekerira Kuttappa

Mr. Mekerira Kuttappa a sportsperson fondly known as ‘Bellu Anna”, a resident of Muscat, Oman for over three decades is an avid hockey enthusiast and has been a strong influencing force to keep the hockey tradition alive in Muscat. Extremely rooted to his traditions, humble and always leaning forward to help others within and outside the community.



Mekerira (Manavattira) Gombe (Sharu)


Mekerira Neha  Kuttappa

Mekerira Nidhi Kuttappa


  • He has come a long way getting outside of his comfort zone in gathering the Kodava community in Muscat to form a Hockey team called ‘Team Coorg Muscat’.
  • His team won many Hockey championships across the Middle East under his encouragement and guidance.
    He has been known to identify young hockey talent from within and outside the community and providing these youngsters a plethora of tournaments to showcase their hockey skills.
  • He is often known to personally supervise the hockey playground, and he makes sure that the game has no setbacks and players utilize the best of facilities. The amount of dedication shows his love towards Hockey and having him as an inspiration.
  • Few Kodava youngsters residing in Dubai gradually formed the ‘Team Coorg UAE’ wherein, kodava players across the UAE came together twice every week to play Hockey and over the years have built a strong team that participates across various tournaments held in the GCC.
  • The most anticipated Tournaments ‘Republic Day Cup’ and ‘Independence Day Cup’ are organised annually by Bellu Anna along with Mr. Saiyed Ali Sibtian Naqvi (Veteran Indian Hockey Player), under the patronage of the Indian Embassy of Oman and the Oman Hockey Association.
  • These tournaments have both Team Coorg Muscat and Team Coorg UAE along with other hockey teams from GCC participating with talented resident players and guest Kodava players traveling for the tournament.

On a personal front he helps in bringing members within the kodava community together, encouraging them and guiding them.


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