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Meriyanda Ainmane




The 12 roomed Ainmane of Meriyanda okka has got two pillars over the steps in the entrance with the sketches of Diwan Medu and Linga Raja in the walls of Veranda enclosed in a glass frame. To the north of the Nellakki bade their revered female ancestor which is embossed on a silver sheet is worshipped and offered meedhi.

Lotus carvings on the capitols of the pillars, carvings of Gajalakshmi on the door panel and carvings of flowers on the window frame can be seen. Tall coffee trees near the Ainmane are never trimmed and are retained in the memory of Meriyanda Ancestors. The first Ainmane which was located to the left of the current Ainmane, is now embedded with a Karana Sthana in the honour of first Ancestor.      


  • About 200 years old
  • The Ainmane which was thatched earlier, was tiled more than 100 years ago and the floors were cemented about 30 years ago