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Modha Goode


The Kodava Word for Museum is “Modha Goode”

Museum is an institute consisting of collection of items with Historic/Artistic/Scientific significance. Most of these museums are available for public view providing information about particular topic.


  • Art Museums
  • Children’s Museums
  • Computer Museum
  • Fashion Museum
  • Food Museum
  • Geology Museum
  • History Museums
  • Science and Technology Museums
  • Textile museums
  • Toy Museum
  • Open Air Museum
  • War Museums
  • Encyclopaedia Museums
  • Memorial Museums

Sometimes museums are also classified depending on the funding. Majority of the museums are Non – Profit or Non – Governmental Organizations while there are few profit companies that run Museums.

We can also find few museums in Kodagu

Virtual  museum 

An Attempt to make a virtual museum is under progress and at this moment list of articles related to our culture and heritage is listed in the Virtual Modagood. team is plannin to meet several people in kodagu where  we find a lot of collectors holding artifacts inherited from their elders and also found in the attics. these articles will be listed in Virtual Modagood.