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Monnanda okka

About the Okka

The Monnanda okka lived in their first ainmane on the slopes of the Male thirike hill near Virajpet. The hill can be seen from the present ainmane(Kuklur) and the foundation of the old house on the hill is still there. When Tippu attacked the ainmane and killed all the people in the okka (there were 13 thott kunjhiya – infants in cradles in the ainmane then), one old man escaped and came down and built a ainmane in Kuklur.

There are two other Monnanda okkas, Monnanda-2in Nelji and Monnanda-3 in Hammiyala that are not related to this one, Monnanda-1 in Kuklur. These other two okkas – 2and 3 do not have ainmanes now.

It is believed that when goddess Kali ‘came’ here, an ancestor of this okka gave her shelter and some cow’s milk, so she settled here as Bhadrakali.


Not known


Eminent people



Army officer


  • Monnanda Jooby Somaiah


  • Monnanda A. Devaiah