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Mookonda Nitin Kushalappa

Mookonda Poonacha Nitin Kushalappa is an engineer, author and amateur historian besides being a blogger as well (Eminent Kodava). He was born in Virajpet (Kodagu) and brought up in Bangalore. He works as a software engineer and has made apps and games for the iPhone. He writes under the names Mookonda Kushalappa, Nitin Kushalappa and Kushal Mucon. He is also a historian by hobby.

Family Tree: Family tree in Kodavaclan


Nitin did his education in Clarence High School and St. Joseph’s PU College. He studied BE in Telecom, from Vishwesvaraya Technological University in CMRIT in Bangalore. He has also done his Master of Arts in History and Archaeology from Oceanik, Kuvempu University. He holds an international project management certification (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI).


In 2014, he was interviewed by The Hindu English newspaper. In 2015, he was interviewed by Udaya News Kannada TV channel. In 2018, he was honoured by the Mookonda joint (extended) family in Bilugunda (Ammathi). In 2019, he was honoured by the Codava Makkada Coota and the Kodagu Press Club in Madikeri and later by members of the Mookonda families in Bangalore



Star of Mysore

Reviving spiritual leaderships, January 11, 2021: (about thakkame)

Deccan Herald

List of newspaper articles written by Mookonda Nitin Kushalappa and published in the Deccan Herald,  (as of February 07, 2021):

Heaps of broken images, November 26, 2012: (about Moribetta)

Legend of the white pond, December 31, 2012: (about Shravanabelagola)

Account of an uprising, March 5, 2013

Fate of the insurgents March 5, 2013:

Deep in the land of Kodavas, September 29, 2015: (about the Mandetira family and Kakot temple)

Immortalised in stone, April 26, 2016, (about General Kannanda Doddayya)

A tale with a sharp edge, June 28, 2016, (about Diwan Meriyanda Medu)

For a green escape, August 2, 2016,

In peace the warriors rest, November 8, 2016, (about Generals Biddanda Bopu and Somaiah)

Revering nature & culture, December 05 2016,

The set-up of Kodagu’s royal cemetery, January 09 2017, (Haleri graveyard)

A unique temple festival, February 6, 2017, (Bhagwathi Namme)

Time to soak in the revelry, April 18 2017, (Boad namme)

Men of valour and courage, May 22 2017, (about Field Marshal Cariappa and General Thimmaiah)

Flying back in time, July 24 2017, (about HAL museum)

Swords of honour, August 14 2017,

The tragic story of a warrior, August 14 2017, (about Officer Thathanda Subbaiah)

Unravelling HAL’s heritage, September 25 2017, (HAL museum, Bangalore)

The people’s palace, October 23 2017, (about Vidhana Soudha)

In the spirit of worship, November 27 2017, (theray)

Ceremonial and heritage locales in Kodagu, January 01 2018,

Kodagu soldier’s tryst with the British, April 17 2018, (about Mathanda Appachu)

A club with colonial charm, July 21 2018, (Bangalore Club)

A tribe nestled in the hills of Kodagu, August 04 2018, (Kapla people)

Fragrance of rice, with a whiff of pepper, September 16 2018, (Kodagu cuisine)

Where the charka still spins, September 30 2018,  (Melkote Ashrama)

Down the royal memory lane, March 10 2019,

The makers of melody, April 27 2019, (Veena makers of Simhapadi)

The princess and the sharpshooter, July 06 2019,

Hockey brings families together, July 13 2019,

Muses and musings, December 28, 2019, (Kannada literature across Karnataka)

How the modest Nalknad palace sheltered Kodagu’s royals, October 03, 2020

Of rice, oxen and pilgrimages, January 16, 2021, (Lord Baithurappa and Puggera family)

Mand: the open-air temples of Kodagu, February 06, 2021


Puthari, Orange County resort / Evolveback, 2014

Tipu Sultan, Napoleon and Hitler, Coorg News, 2015

Igguthappa, Coorg news, 2016

Kail Podh, Coorg news, 2017



Father: Poonacha; Mother: Damayanthi Pushpa; Wife: Deepthi; Sister: Nilan