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Mookonda okka

About the okka

The Mookonda okka (joint family) is also called Mookanda or Mookovanda.


Mookonda okka has three bhagas: Bavali Mookonda, Devanageri Mookonda, and Bilugunda Mookonda. This clan was originally from Bavali village. Later, two branches of this family moved out to different parts of Kodagu. One settled in Bilugunda village near Ammathi town. The other settled in Devanageri village near Virajpet town.

But, during Tipu Sultan’s rule, the Bavali Mookonda family became extinct. Yet, the Kodava folk songs still mention the Mookonda family of Bavali. Their property, called Mookanda Bane or Mookonda Bane, went to their relatives, the Biddanda family of Bavali.


The Bilugunda Mookonda clan leader was also the Oor Patela (hereditary village chief) of Bilugunda village. Mookanda Uthaiah, who lived in 1800, is the earliest known common male ancestor of this family. The family’s ancestral house was destroyed in a fire in 1948. However, the family has renovated their Kaimada, a shrine built in the memory of their ancestors. Later clan members have moved to Pollibetta and Chennayanakote. Few of the clan descendants have moved to Bangalore, Mumbai and other places for employment.


The Devanageri Mookonda ancestor was from the Achimudiyanda family. This is because the original Devanageri Mookonda family also became extinct. The land and family name of its members passed on to an Achimudiyanda man who came from Makkandur. His brother remained in Makkandur. The (Devanageri) Mookonda-Achimudiyanda family had hereditary rights at the old Makkandur temple. At the nearby Kuruli Ambala Mand, the (Devanageri) Mookonda-Achimudiyanda family is called out. Presently, the members of this family have moved to Kuyya (Guyya), Mysore, Bangalore, and other places.


Mookanda Uthaiah (for Bilugunda village Mookonda bhaga)

Achimudiyanda (for Devanageri village Mookonda bhaga)


The Bilugunda Ainmane was burnt down in an accidental fire in 1948. Now there are a few old-style houses, but all members don’t get together in one house.

There is one Kaimada in Bilugunda and one Gurumane (which was mistaken for a Kaimada) in Devanageri. The annual Karana Kodupo is done around Pattalodi near both the places by the two bhagas.



  • Mookonda Muddappa – past
  • Mookonda Appaiah (Appaji) – present


  • Mookonda Monnayya, around 1897 (Bilugunda Oor Patela) – past
  • Mookonda Cariappa, from around 1950 onwards until around 1990 (Bilugunda Oor Patela) – past
  • Mookonda Mani Belliappa, who died in 2018 – past
  • Mookonda Raja Nanjappa, serving since 2018 – present

Eminent people


  • Mookonda K Muthappa, Devanageri
  • Mookonda S Raja Nanjappa, Bilugunda, Mundoni
  • Major Mookonda Kunjappa Bheemaiah (Bheemani), Devanageri
  • Mookonda Belliappa Prakash, Devanageri (now Bangalore)
  • Mookonda Babu Madappa, Devanageri
  • Mookonda T Sampath, Bilugunda
  • Mookonda S. Mithun, Devanageri


  • Mookonda C. Shivappa, Bilugunda, Mundoni


  • Mookonda Muthappa, Bilugunda, Rtd. Inspector, Bangalore
  • Mookonda Mithu Chengappa, Bilugunda, Head constable (ASI), Bangalore (deceased during service)
  • Mookonda K Ganapathy, B. Sc., LLB, Bilugunda, Mundoni – Rtd. Superintendent of Police (SP), Karnataka (now Bangalore)
  • Mookonda M Appachu, Devanageri
  • Mookonda Appachu Pavan, Devanageri, Madikeri police

Local Politics

  • Mookonda M Cariappa, Bilugunda, Mundoni – hereditary Village Chief (Mookonda Pattedara, Bilugunda Oor Patela)
  • Mookonda M Kushalappa, Bilugunda, Mundoni – Village Panchayat President (elected), Ammathi High School Secretary, APCMS Ammathi President,
  • Mookonda Bose Devaiah, Bilugunda, Mundoni – Ammathi Kodava Samaja President, Mysore Coffee Curing Co-operative Society President, APCMS Ammathi President
  • Mookonda Shashi Subramani, Devanageri – Kodagu District Council (Zilla Panchayat) Head of the District Education Department, President of Devanageri Cooperative Society Bank
  • Mookonda Dilip Thammaiah, a prominent member in Codava National Council (CNC)
  • Mookonda Viju Subramani, Bilugunda – Kodagu District Council Member from Pollibetta, Head of the District Health Department (now in Chennayankote)
  • Mookonda C Aiyappa (Raghu), Bilugunda Mundoni, President PACS Ammathi
  • Mookonda C Ramesh, Devanageri – President of Bangalore Vidyaranyapura Kodava Sangha

Civil Office


  • Mookonda Belliappa, Devanageri, teacher in Hunsur
  • Mookonda A Poovaiah (f/o Shashi Subramani), Devanageri, St Anne’s headmaster and school teacher, Virajpet
  • Mookonda K Madaiah (Vasu), M. Sc, B. Ed, Bilugunda Mundoni – Ammathi High School Maths and Science teacher
  • Mookonda Kunjappa Sharada (sister of M K Bheemaiah, army-man), Devanageri headmistress and school teacher
  • Mookonda Pushpa Poonacha (thamane Muckatira), B.Sc, B. Ed, Bilugunda, Mundoni, school teacher in Bangalore
  • Mookonda Muddaiah Aiyappa, Devanageri, worked in St. Anne’s (as staff, not as a teacher)
  • Mookonda Bhanumathi Pemmaiah, MA, B,Ed, PG Dip (HR), School Administrator, Bangalore
  • Mookonda Usha Ramesh (w/o M C Ramesh), Devanageri, school teacher in Bangalore


  • Mookonda K Pemmaiah, BA, LLB, Bilugunda Mundoni – Assistant General Manager, Vijaya Bank, now in Bangalore
  • Mookonda Ajith Kaverappa, Devanageri – Canara Bank
  • Mookonda Sabu Aiyappa, Devanageri – Vijaya Bank
  • Mookonda Nayana Aiyappa, Devanageri – Vijaya Bank
  • Mookonda Saroja Nanjappa, Devanageri – DCC Bank


  • Mookonda Sabu Chinnappa
  • Mookonda Eswara
  • Mookonda Roshan Uthaiah
  • Mookonda Arasu Poonacha, Gonikoppal
  • Mookonda Raja Bheemaiah
  • Mookonda Naveen Nanjappa, RR Fish view cottages (Raja Rani river view fishing resort/homestay), Ammathi
  • Bayavanda Monnappa (mother Mookonda), COO, BeeHIVE workspaces
  • Mookonda M Charmanna, Machaiah Earth Movers, Ammathi
  • Mookonda Bopanna, Bangalore, Ammathi

Scientists (including PhDs)

  • Mandepanda (Mookonda) M Kaveramma, college lecturer and agricultural scientist
  • Swathi Chinnappa, Devanageri, BE, MS (Neurosciences), Rare diseases Scientist
  • Moksha Shivappa, Indian Institute of Science