Mrithyunjaya Temple

Mrithunjaya temple is one of the major temple of tourist attraction in Kodagu. This temple belongs to God Shiva and popular temple locally.
A place filled with holiness and divinity,  is a destination for those who are searching for peace and serenity in the lap of nature.
Sri Mrithunjaya Temple is surrounded by coffee plantation in the spacious place with a garden, and very calm place.
The fresh air, unpolluted environment and majestic landscapes are the inviting features to tourists. This  temple is situated amidst nature which is a feast to the eyes. In addition to all these, this temple is located in a peaceful yet beautiful area. Usually this place will be less crowded during the weekdays.

Sri Mrithyunjaya Temple, Virajpet


There are many different  poojas that is being done in this temple , few of which include, Navagraha pooja, Rudrabisheka, Sri Sathya narayana pooja, Vasantha pooja, Ekhadasha pooja, Vahana pooja.


The homas done in this temple include ,Sri Maha Mrithunjaya Homa,Sri Mrithunjaya Homa,Karu Homa,Panchamarisha Homa.


Sri Mrithunjaya Temple is located in a small village Badagarakeri in Virajpet Taluka.

Its around 45 km from virajpet.


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