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Mui Aal – Kood Aal :

Author –

Darshan Devaiah Kaiblira

Mui Aal – Kood Aal :

Kodavas followed the concept of working for eachother instead of employing labourers . This Mui Aall – Kood Aall concept is prevalent even today in many remote hilly villages of Kodag . Be it rice cultivation process (Ai-pani) like Uppuh , Thaipuh, Andapani, Hagey edpuh (Peripuh) , Naati , harvesting process (Koi-pani) like Bolé koivo, Nell badipuh, Okk aato (Okki), house maintenance work like Porpani (Poraépani) etc Mui Aall – Kood Aall concept was followed . Most of the above said work involved Kodava men , the Hagey edpuh or Peripuh (Bundling of rice saplings) work was done by Kodava women folk.