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Mukkatira Ainmane




The 11 roomed Ainmane of Mukkatira family has simple solid carved door frame with a Kall boti in front of the yard. Ages ago when the King Dodda Viraraja was passing through Devanageri, he noticed Muckattira Okka celebrating Choundi and orders his executioner Kandrathanda Kuttappa to assassinate all the assembled people. Thus Kuttappa took Mukkattira property and married one of the survivor, Dechavva and settled down on the Mukkattira land. Thus Kandrathanda Kuttappa is refered as Karanava, as he re-established Mukkatira Okka in Devanagiri.


  • Built in 1873 and was tiled in 1910
  • Original Ainmane which was cemented 15 years ago all the other rooms have mud floors