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Muckatira Neerav Iyappa

Muckatira Neerav Iyappa from Kodagu is a class 7 student of National public school International (NPSI) in Mysore. He bagged the first place in NASA Contest.



Muckatira Gappu(Paternal)

Guddanda Nanda(Maternal)


Muckatira Janaki(Paternal)

Guddanda Kanthy(Maternal)


Muckatira Muthanna


Muckatira (Guddanda) Kavery


He is a class 7student in National public school International (NPSI) in Mysore.


  • He participated in the Annual Space Settlement Contest, has bagged the first place in Grade 7 Category for his proposal of a Space Hotel ‘DIADEM.
  • He presented a design of the Space Hotel in the orbital space settlement LEO (Lower Earth Orbit) at the contest jointly organised by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Ames Research Centre, San Jose State University and the National Space Society (NSS)
  • He received a NASA certificate and was invited to attend the NSS 37th Annual International Space Development Conference held at Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles, California, USA, for a poster and oral presentation of his winning proposal.
  • His project and ideas will be used by NASA for its future space programmes.
  • Neerav has created a ‘Space Hotel’ providing space tourists a unique experience of a lifetime and enrich space and its potentials.
  • In his project, He has detailed out the concept of the space hotel, life support system, logistics of the space hotel, economy and time-line, space laws and code of ethics.
  • Neerav  won the Google India Code to Learn 2015 Contest where he created a game software project using “Scratch” programming called “Wings over Waves.”
  • He was a finalist at RYSI Award (Raman Award) held on Mar. 5, 2018 at Panchavati (Sir C.V. Raman’s residence) in Bengaluru where he demonstrated the principle fluid and thermodynamics in intermediate category  with a working model.
  • He attended the International space development Conference (ISDC) 2018 at Los Angeles.
  • He was one among the 16 members selected for the Universalisation student debate world premiere pilot programme hosted by EIS academy and Ohio University.
  • He was also chosen as a delegate for a team consisting of Michelle Brunetti,Evan Vera and Ethan Greene.
  • He was adjudged as the best debator during the exclusive contest at NASA.