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Muruvanda Bopaiah Subbaiah


One of the early an Eminent kodava  Range Forest officer 


Muruvanda Girish Achaya, Grandson Sourced from family and children of M.B. Subbiah



9th November, 1899


 15TH June, 1978



 Muruvanda Bopaiah


 Achamma  ( Thamane  – Ballachanda)


Nanjamma / Gubbi  ( Thamane – Biddanda)


Studied :  Madras Forestry  College,  Coimbatore ( Under Madras Presidency) which was established in 1912,( Currently The Tamil Nadu Forest Academy,  Coimbatore) was established in the museum grounds to train foresters, During 1942-47, the museum was closed and the buildings used as shelters for World War 2 evacuees from  Malta and  Burmah.His principal was Mr F.L.C Cowley Brown, I.F.S  who was the first principal of the Madras Forest College, This was the second Forest Rangers college in India , after Dehradun.


Mr M.B. Subbiah was awarded the  Lord Pentland Shield by  The 1st Baron Willingdon , Governor  of  Madras  ( 10th april 1919 -12th april 1924)  for his all-round performance in sports in 1920,

Mr Cowley Brown said here is a young man  from Coorg, who was married to a Tiger at the age of  16 , when he was awarded the shield  in Forest College.During his service he has shot 7 tigers, 1 Black Panther and many  Bisons, Elephants, Crocodile, Bear, Python. He was the favorite of most British officers as he was good at Shikar.Major Waters son was saved by Subbiah, who shot a Bison charging at him.

He has served in Narasimaharajapura ( Chikmagalur) ,  Hiriyuru, Kolar, Huliyurdurga, Kadur, Channapatna his last posting was Mysore Sandalwood  Factory he retired in 1954.


Picture of the Tiger,  which was shot by Mr. M.B. Subbiah is in 1936 in Narasimharajapura, As it was a menace to the villagers.





































Mr M.B. Subbiah was awarded the  Lord Pentland Shield by  The 1st Baron Willingdon  Governor  of  Madras  (april 1919 -12th april 1924)  for his all-round performance in sports in 1920,