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Nambudmada S Narendra- Entrepreneur

Nambudumada S Narendra also called Naren Subbaiah was born in Kodagu,  was a successful entrepreneur.


  • Graduated as an Electronics Engineer from ‘Mysore University’.


  • He is the founder and CEO of FirePro Systems, one of India’s largest fire protection and building automation companies that was recently acquired by Panasonic in Japan.
  • Chairman and managing director of FirePro Systems. He founded Firepro in 1992 with the intent of providing a professional platform in the Fire Solutions and Security space.
  • He is a first-generation entrepreneur and has scaled up Firepro Systems to a leadership position in the Fire Safety and Security industry in less than decades.

Narendra’s father was an engineer in the KEB.  Narendra had been selected to join the army but he chose not to join at the last moment. He worked with Steel Age Industries for two years in the Minimax division, which was into fire protection it is now a part of a global conglomerate called Bunevo. After he quit, he started his own company in December 1992.It was registered as just Firepro because at that point in time, it was a proprietorship company.

Firepro is a company that has been providing integrated solutions for fire protection, security and building management systems. It takes an integrated approach towards providing fire protection and security and was catering to a fast-moving construction industry. Narendra says, “I started with just Rs 10,000 which were my savings. It was just less money and a lot of ambition.”

In 2008 when the real estate market suffered a setback, FirePro was affected. But in 2011, with N.S. Narendra as the chairman of Firepro Systems, the company became a leader in its sector. It had 1,300 employees and a business of Rs. 700 crore. The company went global early and used to get 25% of its revenues from overseas.  On 11 May 2012, Panasonic announced plans to acquire a 76.2% stake in Firepro Systems. Ever since Firepro is a part of Panasonic Corporation, Japan.