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Nambudumada Okka

About the Okka

There were four Kanjithanḍa brothers, of whom two mannk nindiya to Nambanḍammanḍa  Amma land, when that okka had only one old lady left and became extinct. The elder brother Subbappajja went to the Amma land in Kanḍangala, and built an ainmane in Madikeri. The other brother, Uthayya came here to the Amma land in V.Baḍaga and started this okka. It was five generations (about 120 years) ago.

These two bhagas have the same pattedara from the Kanḍangala bhaga but different jama bandi. They have different karanas and therefore celebrate Karanang koḍpa separately. But they observe mutual pole-thale. The two bhagas together have about 200 people. Their common kaimaḍa is at Kanjithanḍa where their Adi karana is.

Since their ancestor came from Kanjithanḍa they are referred to as relatives when they address them (chache bechith kakuva). They used to observe mutual pole with the Kanjithanḍa okka and used to tie nipp thuni if a Kanjithanḍa person died, indicating that they are mourners who are close relatives.


Since two brothers from Kanjithanda Okka stood for Nambudumda Okka there is no intermarriage between these two Okkas.







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