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Neravanda Ainmane




The ainmane has 3 rooms without kitchen and is of type “Othe pore” i.e without an inner open courtyard. The veranda in front is enclosed with net to prevent theft. The steps and the main door of the house are to the centre of the veranda. Simple nellakki bade with a small corridor can be found at the back of the house.

The door frame of the main door in the veranda has got simple carvings and a barred window without any carvings. There is a kall boti in the kala with many houses around the ainmane.


  • Was built in the year 1936.
  • This is the third ainmane, as the first one was burnt down and the second one fell eventually.
  • Floor was cemented about 25 years ago with red oxide and the roof was tiled about 50 years ago.