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Organisations for kodavas

There are lots of Organisations aimed at protecting the interests of the Kodava people and people of Kodagu in the social, political and cultural fields. while a few of them are NGOs the other few are Private in nature, other than the Kodava Samajas across India, the  list of organisations working towards the Kodavas uplifltment.

These organisations need general support in both monetary and moral ways.

Balekarada Balaga

Clean Coorg Initiative 

      • Bring Cleanliness awraeness
      • Maintain Environmental Hygiene in Kodagu 

Cauvery sene 

Codava National Council ( CNC )

      • Strive for Autonomous identity to kodagu
      • Bring in Tribal Status for Kodavas
      • Make Devattiparambu a Dark Tourism Monumental location

Codava Makkada Coota

      •  Preservation and growth of the Kodava traditions, culture, language, arts, dance and other practises among the Kodava children
      • Publish Books related to Kodava Culture & Tradition
      • More Details 

Connecting kodavas 

      • Trace the deeprooted tradition,culture,rituals and customs of the exotic Kodavas,
      • Conduct events related to Culture and Tradition.
      • More Details

Coorg Education Fund

      • Funding for childrens eductaion

Coorg Wellness Foundation

Deena Bhandu Trust.

Kodagu Ekekarana Ranga.

Kodava thak elthkarada koota

Kodagu for tomorrow

Kodava Deenabandhu Trust, Mysore

Kodagu Educational and Social Service Trust (KESST)

      • Help these children achieve their full potential, and grow up to lead a life of dignity
      • help underprivileged children and families in difficulty
      • More Details

Kodava Koota 

      • promote our Kodava culture & tradition and help with economic prosperity of Kodavas living in North America
      • More Details


      • Digitalise the complete kodava data
      • Compile KOdava family tress
      • More Details 

Kodava Riders Club

      • Work towards Conservation of  Environment
      • Bring in Awareness of activities in kodagu
      • More Details 


Liberation Warriors of Kodagu

Marcera Home Office ( MHO )

Rebuild Kodagu

United Kodava Organisation.

      • Concentrate on the culture and heritage
      • Conduct events to bring awareness on our lost Tradition
      • More Details