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Othorme – the book


Author of the page

Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya

Author of the book

Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya  

About the book

This was author’s fourth book in Kodava language.
Leading life helping each other is a unity in the family. Othorme means solidness.


Couple named Nachappa Ponnaki lived together with great affection & love. They used to help each others work. They had two children. A son & a daughter.
Nachappa had only four acres of coffee estate. They had financial problem. So Ponnaki wated to help her family by doing some other work like poultry, piggery & also tailoring.
Ponnaki with her intelligence expanded her tailoring business in town. Her daughter gets married & they searched for girl to get married to their son.
Chengappa & Muthaki had only one daughter. They are very rich. Muthaki wanted her daughter to be get married to a rich person. But Chengappa searched for a good sense boy.
What happens when rich girl marries to a middle family. Whether she adjust with them or not. What happens to their solidarity.
To know about the life of these two family read the book Othorme.

Publication history

Published in the year 2017 June
By Kodava thak elthkarada koota

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Kodava thak elthkarada koota
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