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Paddathi – Rituals and Customs


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Padathis – The customs & Rituals

The list of few Padathis and its protocols are listed below.

Birth Related

Pedha idduve padhathi

details in section Pedha idduve padhathi

Thottpanakettuvo :

Relative who give money to the hand of newborn baby girl , will ask its parents to marry that girl to their son. This time money will be tied to the rope instead of giving to the baby’s hand .

Mangala Related 

Different types of Mangala

Mangala Padathi

Detailed paddathi is mentioned in this section Mangala Padathi

ketame :

In olden days close relations used to bring ketame to the wedding along with music. A box filled with things which are used for wedding is called ketame. It shows solidarity. They will get baale maryadi for this in wedding.

Odikathi mangala:

When the bridegroom has to go to attend the wedding at bride’s place, but at that time bridegroom became I’ll & he cannot go, best man will take the odikathi of bride & he will attend the wedding. Bride will be married to that odikathi.

Bolmangala :

If the bride became I’ll after the marriage & she cannot walk to the bridegroom’s house, best woman will take bride’s cheelapana, kachimut, & box will leave to bridegroom’s house.


marriage for the person who kill the tiger. Now a days this system does not exist due to the bann of killing tiger.

Kemikuthi mangala:

Olden days every men used to make hole in the ear & put pathole or kadak. Mother’s brother will make hole.

Baalek mangala:

Its all about faith. This system will be done to the widower before the second marriage. Marriage along with the plantain Will be performed.

Paithandek alepa:

This marriage will be done to the mother who give birth to her 10 th baby. This marriage will be done only if all the 10 babies are alive & also husbend .


After marriage before worshipping water bride will go to the cowshed. There she will carry the basket filled with cowdund to the field. She puts cowdung to the field then she will worship river goddess.

Chaavu Padathi

The customs that are followed on a person’s death plays a vital role in Kodava community. the details are mentioned in that section seperately  Chaavu Padathi


Kole Adanga Sammanda Muripa Padathi

When a widow or the one who is separated from husband wishes to keep her children with her birth clan and if her husband’s family agree to this, then this ritual is called Kole Adanga Sammanda Muripa.

Kole Adanga Sammanda Kodpo Padathi

If a widow or the one who is separated from her husband gets remarried to another clan, the new clan members agrees to give her and her children’s all the rights of their clan. From this ritual, the mother and children’s are conferred with permanent rights in that clan. This ritual is called Kole Adanga Sammanda Kodpo.