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Palandira Devaiah- Kodava folk Artist

Palandira Devaiah Son of Palandira Poovaiah and Muthavva was born on 25th Dec 1944 at Balamuri village in Madikeri taluk. Mr Devaiah completed his studies in 1957.



Palandira Poovaiah


Palandira Muthavva


  • He is well known for his knowledge of the songs, dances and culture of Kodagu.
  • He was a Bolakkat lead dancer for more than 5 decades.
  • He trained young kodava boys to become masters in Bolakkat and took his Bolakkat team to Delhi thrice, when Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime minister. He was invited by Nehru, to exibit the cultural dance at Rashtrapathi Bhavan in the presence of Babu Rajendra Prasad.
  • Mr. Devaiah was an expert in “Balopat”, “Bolakkat” and “Kolatt”. He had been honoured with several awards. Mr. Devaiah had the distinction of making Jawaharlal Nehru wear the traditional Kodava headgear, and presenting “Bolakkat” at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Mr. Devaiah and his team had presented “Bolakkat” in various places of the country.


He received the Rajyosthava award in the year 2012 .