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Pandikuthira Changappa

Pandikuthira Changappa, an eminent kodava  served the Coorg Government in 1924 as the Senior Inspector of Co-operative Societies.He was also an author


He completed his studies at Coimbatore, pursued Diploma in Economics at Madras University and obtained 1st rank. Thereafter he went to England and obtained Honours Diploma in Social science and also became the “fellow” of Royal Economic Society, London.


  • After obtaining employment from Kodagu Government, Changappa gradually became the registrar and worked for it.He improved the Cooperative Movement at Kodagu and established firmness.
  • Pandikuttira Changappa became the principle of cooperative training and research institute, for about 9 years.
    He was the first Kodava to serve under “Sanyukta Rashtra Sangha”.
  • He was the member of Pharma Leaders delegation, and visited America, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Scandinavia and several European countries.
  •  He also wrote a book concerning Co-operative Movement of few places in the world.

He also served for a short period  in foreign Assignments in Institutions set up by the UNO before he retired.