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Paradanda Ainmane


Naladi, Kakkabbe


The ainmane is of type “Mund Mane” facing west, towards Igguthappa temple. The ainmane has flat RCC roof without tiles, whereas they have given a tiled roof surrounding the house with supported rods. The main entrance to the right of the verandah has a window with circular carving with trellis pattern. The eastern verandah to the backside of the house has – beautifully carved windows, two doors with carved panels on top – one with Gajalakshmi with elephants and another one with ratha with people. The aimaras, pillars and floors were fully cemented when it was rebuilt. Ambala River flows around the house. When death occurs, if it is during the temple festival the body is kept in the eastern verandah and cremated after the festival.


  • About 150 years old
  • The old ainmane was deteriorating hence, rebuilt in the year 2003
  • This is the third ainmane