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Pooliya is a small reed basket that is filled with rice, jaggery, coconut, betel leaves and milk in a small spouted pot (kindi) by Koravakarthi i.e. a responsible lady who oversees the affairs of the family.


The koravakarthi fills the basket in the Nellakki Nadubade with 3 or 5 seer of rice, and for each seer of rice one coconut, one sugar jaggery, Betel Leaf and Arecanut are placed and then the kindi with milk is placed on the top and basket is closed.

Materials made of

              The  materials used in this item is of cane . 

Tentative Period of Usage

              Ever since Kodavas are present. its been a part of the wedding ritual 

Tentative reason for extinct

              Still in Usage .

Physically located at

  1. Many Houses
  2. M/s Papera Restaurant Gonikoppal

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