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Puthari Namme


“Puthari” is one of the most important festivals for Kodavas, which is celebrated in a grandeur and traditional form in the month of Birchyar i.e. between November and December on the full moon day. This festival is celebrated in the honour of annual rice harvest and getting the harvested paddy home.


Before this festival, houses are cleaned and painted and all the members in the family buy new clothes. The Pattedara of the house will wear Kupiya chaale, mandethuni, peeche kathi and Nere Edpavo will wear White Shirt and White Kupiya. All the family members are gathered and pray for the blessings of Igguthappa, Kaveramme and Gurukarana.

After 7’O clock in the evening “Yelakki Puutt” is mixed and kept in front of the door of Nellakki nadubaade.

Before going to the field, Nere Edpavo will take the Kutthi in his hand, ladies will hold Thaliyathakki bolcha, Pattedara will hold gun and on the way they pray to oore deva. “Igguthappa bojoo……Kaveramme bojoo……Mahadevada bojoo…..Bhadrakaali bojoo….. Kaakemaani bojo…..” Uttering these words they will go to paddy field.

After reaching the field, Nere Kattuvo ritual will take place. Nere kattuvavo will pour milk and ghee to the base of paddy. After this ritual, gun is fired in the air, Crackers are bursted and paddy sheaves are cut shouting slogans “Poli Poli Deva….Poli Poli…” These paddy sheaves are taken home and tied in front of the house, Kitchen, Nellakki Nadubaade, cow shed etc., after this ritual, Elakki Putte and Payasa from new rice are consumed.

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