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by Akshai Cariappa Mukkatira on KodavaClan

Excellent tool for all Kodavas to get relevant information.
Much Appreciated

by Yeshi on KodavaClan

Very informative & excellent resource to find your roots. This is helpful for now & for the future. Thank you so much Kishoo for your effort & time. We truly appreciate your hard work. Keep it up!

by Pooja Nanaiah Bachamanda on KodavaClan

KodavaClan for quite sometime has become my go-to place for anything associated with Kodavas, be it our history, family trees, achievers, customs & rituals, names of flora-fauna & much more. Although the framework is yet to be complete, it already is like a power house of information. Good luck to the team to establish Kodava Clan as an encyclopaedia for any kind of references linked to Kodavaame.

by Kaliana Roshan Poovaiah on KodavaClan

Kodava clan is the most comprehensive site that I have come across about archives of our clan culture and heritage. Though it is workin progress, a very good effort made by Kishoo & team in the right direction. I am sure this will be known as Kodava 'knowledge bank' in days to come and the next generation has something to look up to.All the best.

by Pancham Bopanna Chekkera on KodavaClan

" Best Kodava Documentary Site I've Come Across.. Excellent effort taken by Dear Kishoo Uthappa Anna 'Gummatira' and his team to help us to know Our Rich Heritage, Culture and also giving out information about, numerous Achievers who have made our Kodava Clan proud.Thank You for the Great Work..Keep it Going All the Best👍🏻🙏🏻🙂

by Ulvangada Cauvery Uday on KodavaClan

Kodava clan is doing wonderful work by preserving, documenting history of Kodava's & also achievers.
Gives many unknown information. Its one of the best & useful Kodava site I think.
Let the good work go on.

by Nithan Thimmaiah Monnanda on KodavaClan

Wonderful initiative taken up by Kishoo Gummatira to digitize all the information about Kodagu and Kodavas; only way to preserve such enormous amount of data. I particularly love the categories like the native trees, birds and animals besides sections on eminent people, facts of history etc. Hope this website becomes the Encyclopedia for Kodagu and Kodavas. I request all Kodava enthusiasts to contribute. Work needed on the qualitative aspects of data but I am confident that will accomplished in course of time. Great job so far Kishoo and keep it going.

by Pratham Karumbaiah on KodavaClan

Too good, its a kodava encyclopedia everyone must subscribe

by Brig JC kushalappa(veteran) on KodavaClan

Very informative & good for all kodavas to be updated on our culture.

by Pradhan Kalappa Paradanda on KodavaClan

One of the Best Kodava Sites. Very Good job and also an opportunity for all of us to know about all the history of each family and other aspect of Kodavas.

by Dhanu Uthaiah Pattada on KodavaClan

Excellent forum to know about one's roots and also to remind us about our forgotten heritage.

by Nitin Kushalappa on KodavaClan

Kodavaclan is a place where all the information regarding

the Kodavas is being collected. Keep up the great work! 👏🏻👍🏼

by Shalip kaveriappa on KodavaClan

Wonderful effort.Amazing job for preserving kodava achievers legacy subsequently documenting in the history of kodava clan.great inspiration for youngsters to to scale great heights.Congratulations and Good luck

by Pratham Karumbaiah on KodavaClan

Too good site giving many unknown information, keep it up and keep going.

by vinoo thimmaiah on KodavaClan

One of the Best Kodava Sites. Very Good job and also an opportunity for all of us to get identify to the forefront.

by Themla on KodavaClan

Wonderful platform to find your roots and stay rooted!!!Kudos to the team!!!!