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Banda (Sambrani)

Banda (Sambrani)

Banda(Sambrani) is a thick, shapeless and lumpy rock-like material is a fragrant substance. It is a natural tree resin neither a hardened resin nor sap, an aromatic resins from the Copal tree.


Banda(Sambrani) is sprinkled on a smouldering fire created by burning charcoal or coconut shells in a clay holder. Banda(Sambrani) is also used in puja rituals in homes as well as in temples. The smoke from the burning powder absorbs the moisture in the hair as well as fumigates the room. This is a natural fumigating agent. In traditional Indian homes, where new born babies sleep, a few grams of Banda(sambrani) powder is poured onto a pot of burning charcoal. This serves as a traditional form of aroma therapy.