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Seer is a unit of measure  to measure Grains, Milk and Oil. 


  • Eddi Seer ( Full Unit )
  • Are Seer ( Half the Unit )
  • Kaal Seer ( Quater of the seer

Materials made of

  • Wood
  • Iron. 

Tentative Period of Usage

              Ever since Kodavas grew paddy, this was in use. until late 90″s and after the SI system of measure was introduced it is not in use regularly. however even now in few houses we can see the usage of this while paddy and rice in given to workers as compensation . it can also be seen in use in few temples when the growers want to contribute compliments to the god.

Tentative reason for extinct

              SI sysytem of measure to weigh the grains replaced this.

Physically located at

  1. M/s Papera Resturant Gonikoppal

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