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Slate mathi – White pear

Slate mathi (Apodytes dimidiate Meyer ex Arn) one of the native trees in kodagu found in coastal evergreen bush, at the margins of medium altitude evergreen forest, in open woodlands and on grassy mountain slopes, often among rocks. It is a small bushy tree 4 to 5 m tall, but reaching a height of 20 m when growing in a forest. It has evergreen, glossy, bright green leaves that have a paler green, dull underside. The bark is pale grey and smooth.


Slate mathi, Kari mara


White pear


Kari mara, Karineeli

Botanical Name 

Apodytes dimidiate Meyer ex Arn.



Flowering starts


Fruiting ends



 Very hard wood used as fuel wood. It is also used in making handles of agricultural implements. An infusion from the root bark is used as an enema for intestinal parasites. The leaves are used in the treatment of ear inflammation.





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