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Snakes of Coorg

Coorg, known for its exotic scenery, is also a home to numerous unique species; Snakes are one among them. We have listed variety of snakes found in coorg with its name in Kodava language.

Name of snakes in Kodava Thakk


Bamboo Pit Viper

Kodava Name – Pache mandali paambu


Barred Wolf snake


Banded Racer Snake


Bibron’s Coral Snake

Kodava Name – Bibroon Pavala Paambu


Beddome’s Cat snake


Beddome’s Keelback



Kodava Name – Kaatmurka


Common Krait

Kodava Name – Bale Muriya


Common Vine snake

Kodava Name – Pache Paambu


Common Cat Snake

Kodava Name – Poonye Paambu


Common Wolf Snake


Common Kukri snake


Common Trinket Snake

Kodava Name – Manja Gere Paambu


Common bronze back Tree snake

Kodava Name – Mara Paambu


Common Worm or Blind Snake

Kodava Name – Kuruda Paambu


Common Sand Boa

Kodava Name – Mann Paambu


Ceylon Cat Snake


Checkered Keelback

Kodava Name – Neerguduma Paambu


Dog faced water snake

Kodava Name – Naayi neer guduma paambu


Dumeril’s Black headed snake

Kodava Name –Kartha Pill Paambu


Elliot’s Shieldtail

Kodava Name – Moddu Baala Paambu


Foresten’s Cat snake


Green Keelback

Kodava Name – Pache Guduma Paambu


Hill Keelback


Hump Nosed Pit Viper

Kodava Name – Kari Mandali / Boodhu Mandali


Indian Rock Python

Kodava Name –Male Paambu


King Cobra

Kodava Name – Karnaada Paambu


Malabar Pit Viper

Kodava Name – Pachhe Mandali Paambu


Montane Trinket Snake

Kodava Name – Kere Bale Muriya


Ornate Flying snake

Kodava Name – Paarali paambu



Olive Keelback

Kodava Name – Mutha Paambu





Painted bronze back

Kodava Name – Mara Paambu





Pied-belly Shieldtail

Kodava Name – Moddu Baala Paambu




Red sand Boa

Kodava Name – Chonda Mann Paambu




Russel’s Viper

Kodava Name –Patte Kolaka




Rat Snake

Kodava Name – Kere Paambu, Manja Kere, Kartha Kere




Russell’s Kukri Snake





Saw – scaled Viper

Kodava Name –Urimandali Pambu




Striped Keelback

Kodava Name – Patte Pill Paambu




Slender Coral Snake

Kodava Name – Pavala Paambu




Striped Coral Snake

Kodava Name – Patte Pavala Paambu




Travancore Wolf snake




Western kukri snake



Whitaker’s Boa

Kodava Name – Whitaker Mann Paambu