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Subedar Ballachanda Chengappa Mudayya

Subedar Ballachanda Chengappa Mudayya (Muthu) served the Indian Army from 1934 to 1949 (15years) in the Corps of Signal regiment and is a World War II veteran

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Ballachanda Sohan Somanna 


Mudayya was born in Betoli village of Virajpet taluk in South Kodagu in the year 1915 to Ballachanda Chengappa and Mrs Ballachanda Thangavva (thamane Kongera). He was raised along with his siblings Mr Belliappa (Bollu), Mr Bhemmaiah (Jappu) and sister Machamma (Machi) who was later married to Machanda Aiyappa. All the siblings were looked after by their step mother Mrs. Ballachanda Subbavva (Thamane Kuttanda) in Madikeri. The early education of Mr Mudayya was completed at Govt High school of Madikeri.

After Joining the Indian Army, he completed the training at the centre for signals at Bangalore. He was part the signals battalion positioned in South East Asia Command during the World War II.

Mudayya married Mandetira Rosy Sethamma (D/o Mandetira Cheramanna & Muddavva) and together have four children; Sherry Chengappa, Parry Subbaiah, Rashmi Kaveramma, Vilmi Ponnamma.

After voluntary retirement from the army Mr Mudayya took up the Job as a Physical Instructor at St Anne’s High school Virajpet from 1952 to 1969. He was a very friendly, humble and polite gentleman among his and very popular among family and friends. Mudayya passed away on 22nd September 1979 after a prolonged illness at the age of 64 years.




22nd September 1979



Ballachanda Chengappa


Ballachanda Thangavva (thamane Kongera)


Mandetira Rosy Sethamma


Sherry Chengappa,

Parry Subbaiah,

Rashmi Kaveramma,

Vilmi Ponnamma.



  • 9 Years Seva Medal.
  • Exception Cavalry Service Medal.
  • Star Burma award.
  • War Medal for service in S.E Asia during the Second World War