Subedar Shantheyanda Mallayya (Mallaiah) of Shanthalli

Subedar Shantheyanda Mallayya (Mallaiah)

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Mookonda Nithin Kushalappa


Subedar Shantheyanda Mallayya (Mallaiah) of Shanthalli was a Kodava freedom fighter. He was the leader of Shanthalli village and of Yedavanad in North Kodagu. He was a Karyagara (army and government officer) under the Kodagu Raja and later a Subedar under the British. He rebelled against the British in 1837 and was punished with 14 years of jail by the British.

In 1834 the British took over Coorg (Kodagu). Sulya was separated from Kodagu and joined to the South Canara (now Dakshina Kannada) district of the then Madras province.

Under the Kodagu Rajas, the people of Sulya gave tax in the form of rice grains. But under the District Collector of Mangalore they had to pay their taxes in money. For three years, they paid their taxes in money. But in 1837, they were unable to pay the money. The District Collector would not listen to them and demanded tax from them.

Meanwhile two Jangama monks, Aparampara and Kalyanaswamy, claimed to be related to the Kodagu Raja. They took advantage of the farmers’ problems with the British. They led the rebellion against the British. Some people from Kodagu and Mangalore also supported the Sulya rebellion. In Kodagu, the rebellion had three leaders: Subedar Guddemane Appaiah Gowda, Subedar Mandira Uthaiah (Uttu) of Padi Nalknadu and Subedar Shantheyanda Mallaiah of Shanthalli and Yedavanad. 

On April 14 1837, letters seeking support for the rebellion reached several parts of Kodagu. Plans were made to capture Madikeri fort. The Kodavas, Gowdas and other people of Nalknad and Tavunad followed Subedar Guddera Appaiah and Subedar Mandira Uthaiah.

LeHardy the Superintendent of Coorg came to know of the involvement of Subedar Mandira Uthaiah. Many of Diwan Apparanda Bopu’s relatives and friends from Nalknad supported the rebellion. So LeHardy initially suspected Diwan Bopu also. 

Subedar Mandira Uthaiah and the people from Nalknad planned to meet Subedar Guddemane Appaiah Gowda in Madikeri and help him capture the fort. But the British stopped them and arrested their leader Subedar Mandira Uthaiah. The British sent one army regiment under Col Williamson to Madikeri. 

On April 16, Subedar Shantheyanda Mallaiah and the people of Yedavanad in Kodagu planned to take over Madikeri. But LeHardy and Williamson had their soldiers stationed at Madikeri. They sent men towards Yedavanad to stop them. Subedar Shantheyanda Mallaiah who was the leader of the Yedavanad people was arrested.

Subedar Mandira Uthaiah of Padi Nalknad, and Subedar Shantheyanda Mallaiah of Shanthalli and Yedavanad, both Kodavas, were awarded imprisonment for fourteen years (maximum term served for life imprisonment in India today).


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