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Moda goode Archives - Kodagu Heritage

Well known as ‘The Coffee County,’  Kodagu district boasts a unique and distinctive cuisine. The cuisine of the Kodavas emerged from the vast landscape of the region, defined by wild forests lush with  boars, fowl, bamboo and other flora. With eating habits solely dictated by seasons, Kodava cuisine celebrates fresh and local ingredients. Some recipes that you should try are mentioned here

About The beejo kall is a kitchen implement that was commonly found in the past in every Kodava household. It consists of two flat, circular stones placed in parallel. The lower one was immovable while… read more »

About A large, strong box with a hinged lid. It can be called a chest or a trunk in English. Uses It was used to store, carry around or safe keep things such as clothes,… read more »

About Chatti is a traditional vessel found in Kodava households for cooking Variants Mann chatti (mud vessel) Baal chatti Kall chatti (stone vessel) Cheen chatti (Iron vessel) Uses It was used to cook food over the… read more »