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Modagoode Archives - Kodagu Heritage

In the History of Kodava during British rule, Coorgs entered politics, government service, education, and law. Under British protection, Kodagu became a State with nominal independence. The British recognised the exceptional martial abilities of the Kodavas and used them in their army.

 In the History of Kodava, many Kodavas fought in the two World Wars. They earned a reputation as able commanders and brave fighters, both under the British rule as well as post-independent India in all wings of defence. Eventually, famous sons of Kodagu became prominent members of the armed forces of India. General K.S. Thimayya DSO and Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa OBE are among the notables along with many other top officers. Dewan Bahadur Ketolira Chengappa was the last Chief Commissioner of Coorg in 1947. In 1950 Coorg was recognised as one of 27 different states of the Indian Union but in 1956 the state of Coorg was merged into Mysore (now Karnataka).

About A batti is a large basket which was found in Kodava households. Uses It was used to carry or store things. A batti is also a unit of measure. Eighty seers is called a… read more »

About A large, strong box with a hinged lid. It can be called a chest or a trunk in English. Uses It was used to store, carry around or safe keep things such as clothes,… read more »

About Chatti is a traditional vessel found in Kodava households for cooking Variants Mann chatti (mud vessel) Baal chatti Kall chatti (stone vessel) Cheen chatti (Iron vessel) Uses It was used to cook food over the… read more »

About A cheppu is a container to keep valuables such as jewels, coins or other such items. Often made of metal, a cheppu is usually of copper. It’s lid was normally cup-shaped.   Uses In… read more »

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