Thadiyandamol is the highest mountain of Kodagu district located in Western ghat.Located at an altitude of 5,472 ft, Thadiyandamol is the highest peak in Coorg .


It is the third highest peak in Karnataka (after Mullayyanagiri & Kudremukha). It reaches an elevation of 1,748 m. The name Thadiyandamol literally means large or broad hill (thadi = broad, large, huge; anda = belonging to; mol = hill, base, peak). It is located at a distance of about 32kms from Virajpet and 43kms from Madikeri.

The Nalaknad palace (also known as Nalnad – meaning 4 villages) at the foothills of Thadiyandamol is an important historical landmark and a tourist spot.

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